Pastor K.C Cherian, one of the pioneers of IPC came to Mangalore in September 1933. Sometime prior to that, during his Ministry in Kozhikode, Br. Robert a native of Mangalore and a believer in the Brethren Church was filled in the Holy Spirit by the Ministry of Pr. K.C Cherian. It was Br. Robert who instilled in Pr. K.C Cherian a desire for the people in Karnataka. After renting a house in Kankanady, a Convention was organized from October 11th – 21st in which Pr. K.E. Abraham was invited as the preacher. Due to severe financial restraints, they were forced to stay hungry the entire day and yet preached the Word of God mightly in the evening meetings. They would pay for a simple dinner at a hotel nearby with whatever little offering they received at the meetings. This repeated for the whole convention, but many locals were saved. A Baptism service was arranged three months after his arrival to Mangalore. 13 people came forward to be baptized which was the first recorded baptism of IPC in Karnataka. Betheul, son of Salins a prominent member of Bassel Mission was among those who were baptized. It hurt his (Mr. Salins) pride that his son was baptized, When Pr. K.C. Cherian was conducting his usual Open Air meeting that week, Mr. Salins approached Pr. K.C Cherian with fury and shrieked, Aren’t you are the one who baptized my son!” and assaulted Pr. K.C Cherian using his shoes. Seeing a non-reactive Pr. K.C Cherian infuriated Mr. Salins even more. Mr. Salins was unable to sleep that night due to a throbbing pain in his head. However, Pr. K.C Cherian with a swollen head was praying at home, a few hours later he woke up to the sound of loud banging on his door. He found Mr. Salins who fell down at his feet and begged forgiveness from him. Pr. K.C Cherian shared the Gospel and Mr. Salins was saved that night. Though he had to undergo many such persecution and struggles, many souls were being added to God’s Kingdom. He also started a gathering in Udupi and was joined by Pr. M.K Chacko. Br. Siddhapa, who accepted the Lord in Mangalore even though he had a secular job, had a glowing zeal to work for the Lord. He was entrusted the responsibility of the church in Double Road, Bangalore.

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