Meghalaya is 22,429 Km Sqr. area in size and a population of more than 25 Lacs approx with a literacy rate of 63.31%. Principal Languages in the states are Khasi, Garo and English. In this state matrilineal / matrilocal system still exists. The topography is mountainous and this is one state that, records the highest rainfall in the world. Of the many tribes that inhabit the land – 53% are Christians. Roman Catholics and Presbyterians are the predominant Christian Churches in Meghalaya.

Once Meghalaya had experienced a Spiritual Revival, but now most of them are leading a nominal Christian life, without any spiritual value. Mostly, outsiders are not welcomed by the local tribes, as they have been bound by strong traditional beliefs and also these States are badly affected by the terrorist activities. We can Praise Lord, for His miraculous work, which He is doing among these tribes through our ministry.

Pr. James Chacko
State President

God has sent Pastor James Chacko to Meghalaya State as part of his Government Service in the year 1990. By the Grace of God and empowerment of Holy Spirit he resigned the Government Job without any pensionary benefits and started a small prayer fellowship in Shillong, capital of Meghalaya under his leadership. It became a pioneer Pentecostal work in Meghalaya in 1992 and with a strong vision it moved to spread the enlightenment of Pentecost into the hearts of the people of Meghalaya and North East India.

Today our work has spread to various areas in Meghalaya and Indo- Bangladesh Border. we have more than 35 permanent mission fields and more than 05 outstation works under the State. Our missionaries are also concentrating thousands of Hindus from Bangladesh, who came as refugees to the state during the war and division.

01. We are running a Bible School to set the fire of Pentecost into the hearts of the native youths, so that they may spread the same fire in the insurgency ravaged and impoverished areas of their community.

02. Due to the Terrorism, many youngsters are imprisoned and through our prison ministry, God has been enabling us to slowly bring these youths to the love of God and converting them into valuable assets for His Kingdom.

03. Being an educational Centre, youths from other Northeastern states come here for higher studies. We are providing counseling to Drug Addicts and HIV Positive youths who from a bulk of the youth population.

04. There are hundreds of villages in the Meghalaya and surroundings without schools, proper road connectivity, electricity and basic needs of life. We have started Free Schools, Children’s home etc., for the destitute child’s education. Through these ministries we are able to reach the adult population and thus is an aid for our Church Planting Ministry.

Our Ministers are doing the mission work with great difficulty because of the non-hospitable and superstitious rituals among the various tribal groups, mountainous topography and adverse climatic condition. Appreciably we have now managed to appoint ministers belonging their own respective villages. This fulfills our aim of doing a native mission and thereby ESTABLISHING PIONEER PENTECOSTAL WORK in various places which in days to come will be carried on to coming generations. Therefore we are really doing ground tilling now hoping a great harvest.

Indeed, Ministry in Meghalaya is a unique experience with respect to the multifactorial problems which has go along with the simultaneous spreading of Gospel. We thank God for all of you who are remembering our endeavour and request to continuously uphold us in your prayers to carry out this great movement in the state of Meghalaya. We earnestly wish that, this tribal state would one day become a great asset for the Kingdom of God and fulfill our dream of sending native missionaries to spread the Gospel “ to the end of the world”. Amen !!

Pastor James Chacko : President

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