Anointed servant of God (late) Apostle P.M. Samuel heard the voice of the Lord to go to Telugu region for missionary work, especially to spread the Pentecostal truth. Then he obeyed Lord and came to telugu region with great burden of souls, leaving Kerala state in 1932. First he reached Machilipatnam (Bandar), started preaching and proclaiming full gospel truth in the coastal Andhra. Hundreds and thousands of people heard the anointed messages, marveled in their souls and dedicated their lives to Lord by repenting and receiving the Holy Spirit baptism with the evidence of speaking tongues.

In 1933 (approximately), Apostle P.M. Samuel came to Devarakonda (Nalgonda District) which is in Telangana area by receiving invitation from Mennonite Brethren- Mission. Even though there was no transport facility, he reached there with great difficulty. There he conducted Bible classes especially on the Tabernacle and Revelation. Many young people repented and received Holy Spirit baptism with the evidence of speaking tongues. Likewise, great spiritual revival started in Telangana state and was spread in all directions as follows:

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